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The Psychological Effects of Clothing

You want your clothes to make a statement and reflect your personal style. In fact, what we wear can have a profound effect on your mental state. Enclothed cognition refers to the psychological impact of our clothing choices; for example, one study found that people wearing lab coats while performing a high order thinking task made half as many errors as people performing the same task in ordinary clothing. The right outfit can boost your self-esteem and your mood!

Clothing can help you shape and express your identity, especially for teens and adolescents. Through clothing, teens simultaneously establish their individuality while also forging a sense of belonging. In adulthood, we begin to figure out our personal sense of style and to forego trends in favor of what is most flattering and authentic to ourselves.

Our clothing also influences the mood of those around us. Colors, patterns, images and texts have a visual impact that can uplift, calm down and inspire camaraderie in the people we encounter. Wearing a shirt that shares something about yourself can turn strangers into friends; a funny message can make a passerby smile when they’ve had a tough day.

What we wear makes a statement and at Island T-Shirts you get to be totally in control of what your clothing says- quite literally! In addition to our vast selection of stock statement and graphic t-shirts, we are happy to create custom designs using photos and texts that you can upload easily on our site.

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